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Voyage Data Recording Software for AMI Marine (UK) Ltd.

ESL and Collins Software Services developed the software for AMI's VDR and s-VDR Hardened Voyage Data Recorders. These are essentially "Black Boxes" for ships which record digitally the bridge and radio voice conversations, all the navigation data including AIS,  captured RADAR images and many other ship status indicators monitored by a range of specialised AMI interfaces, (e.g. watertight doors, fire alarms, thrusters, shaft RPM,  rudder angle etc., etc,). For more information please visit the AMI website

Hardened Data Capsule

The "Black Box" - Embedded Processor / Interfaces & Software

We also developed a matching suite of Voyage Data Recovery and Playback Software

This enables you to playback any of the recorded data in real time with the sound, radar, AIS and status data synchronised and timed, invaluable for incident analysis. During playback you can pause, rewind, loop and change the playback speed to examine a crucial point in great detail. Below is a sample of the playback screens which are separate and can all be dragged and arranged on a multi monitor system for ease of viewing. Provision is made for recovery of data from the capsule or the hard drives in the AMI VDR via a network cable. The AIS RADAR screen uses ESL vector charts and provides an optional 3D (perspective) chart view. World coastline charts can be downloaded from the  NOAA website and ESL chart making tools are included.

For more information please contact AMI Marine (UK) Ltd.  

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