ESL Software Support

Software Upgrades and Chart Downloads


NMEApro 5.0.2 This version is for ease of use with Aquascan MC5 and AX2000 magnetometers. It can be downloaded from the ESL website link below as an upgrade to all PN 7 installations. For full details read the Datasheet.

AIS-Sim 5.2 This version can be used as a new stand alone installation or installed over an existing S/W Key enabled version. In this case when the installer asks for a Software Key, enter the details of your existing installed key again to enable the new version of the software. Any files you created with the previous version will be preserved in the new installation.

Miscellaneous Legacy Drivers

From Windows 7 onwards the HASP dongle is not supported on Portable Navigator and you will have to upgrade to PN 6.0 and buy a software key licence. This is also true for PN Express and AIS-Sim. To upgrade visit the ESL shop.


ESL Chart Library

These ESL chart files include the chart and layer files, also the waypoint files in both Windows and in some cases DOS format (.wpt and .wps). Always unzip the downloaded file in the \charts directory or the appropriate Portfolio.

User Submitted Chart Library

Charts submitted by Portable Navigator Users.

Note - ESL has tested these charts and, while they appear to be correct, ESL takes no responsibility for their accuracy. Like all electronic charts, they should not be used as the only source of information for navigation.

Dutch coast including the East Frisian Islands to Germany

Instructions - UnZip the downloaded file in your PN \charts directory.

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